My name is Isaac London. I grew up in West Auckland at the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges, never more than a 20-minute drive from the coast or a beach. I went to Green Bay Primary, Glen Eden Intermediate and then Green Bay High School where I played several different sports, including rugby, softball and volleyball.

Following high school, two unsuccessful attempts at University and some backpacking in Europe, I moved to Nelson in the South Island and began studying Adventure Tourism. The course covered everything outdoors – sea kayaking, white-water rafting, rock climbing, etc. I found a new passion in the outdoors, where I could combine my interests in sport and being active, with travel and adventure, and a newfound appreciation for nature and the wild.

However, during this time studying, for a multitude of reasons, I became heavily depressed and was diagnosed with severe depression. That diagnosis changed my life and it was at this point that I started putting my happiness and wellbeing first.

Like anybody, I grew and learnt more about myself through these challenges, and found that the greatest periods of growth occur during and after times of difficulty. I continue to test this theory and push myself through different adventures and journeys, which constantly expand my comfort zone. That’s why I’m embarking on this journey. But it’s not just about me. I’m doing this help raise awareness for people dealing with depression, and shed light on the youth suicide epidemic this country is facing.