Hey, I’m Isaac and I rode a Suzuki DR650 from Canada to Chile to raise awareness for mental health and suicide.

Why I’m doing this

This journey is about normalising conversations surrounding mental health and suicide. I’m doing it for anybody who has struggled to talk about their own mental health issues, or someone close to them. If you are a young and/or male New Zealander, then statistically speaking, this is likely you. 

This is no picture-perfect travel journal that you’ll typically find on Instagram. This is the gritty reality of dealing with depression - just in a really scenic way. The journey won’t be easy and I anticipate I’ll reach some sort of breaking point (maybe more than once).

I’ll post regular updates outlining my mental state as I go, particularly the negative aspects, and what I did to get through it. As someone who has been diagnosed with depression, I want people to realise they're not alone in facing these battles.


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